October 24

Minion on a Mission


I know, I know.  You have given up on me because I have basically fallen off of the planet.


But here, cute baby picture.  That shall distract you and make up for the absence, right?

10-20-14 Sit All Day

Yes.  He is sitting up all over the place, frequently crashing his head down onto the floor — and Knobby thinks that hardwood versus carpet would make no difference in the fallout, but believe the Pixy, THEY DO –, and perfecting his army crawl.

In the time it took me to enter approximately three codes in MyCokeRewards, he made it from the guest bedroom, down the hall corner, and into the laundry room.

He is a Minion on a mission.

And that mission seems to be:  tear my house apart.


Also:  we bought a new car.  Just a second car.

Knobby was going out of town last weekend, and I made the mistake of mentioning to Mom if I could bring the extra car at my parents’ house over, just in case there was some Minion emergency while he was away.

Well.  Knobby has mad amounts of Self-Sufficiency Testosterone, and my asking to borrow the car . . . well, testosterone skyrocketed.

He’s been aggravated when we have found ourselves lately in need of another car . . . taking the Jeep to service, twice, and the one time we had accidentally made appointments on the same day at the same time and he was all “I’m going to WALK to the dentists office” (yeah . . . No, you’re not.).   These incidents have occurred extremely infrequently . . . and I know it’s a pain to not have some backupmobile and having to rent a car and all that . . .


I also did not really feel all that thrilled about paying for another car.  Who would.

He kept sending links to random cars he had found . . . I thought if I ignored them and shot down enough of them, he’d drop the subject and we’d continue on our merry one-car-household way.  Because . . . when your husband works from home and you are a hobbit housewife . . . you just don’t need two cars.

But the car links kept coming.  He wanted a Camaro 2SS . . . I said no, because I may have to drive it at some point and I’ve sat in one and discovered I cannot see out of that thing.  No.  So then, he tried to tempt me with a little Mini Cooper S that was my ideal color and stripes and everything.

But y’all.  No.  I did not want to pay for a car!

I was overruled by the Self-Sufficiency Testosterone, however.  Since this second “car” just needed to be a glorified go-cart . . . for very little use . . . eventually we agreed that we would either buy the hilarious buggy little Chevy Spark, or a VW Jetta.  The new Jetta . . . I find really boring compared to my beloved 2001 chugachug Jetta . . . but . . . it was cheap, it came with three years of maintenance . . . and . . . it was cheap.

I dropped him off at the VW lot, but didn’t leave before I had done a small circle and fell in love with a TTS and in desperation, a beautiful gray S3.  I left with the Minion, as he would drive home the new car and I didn’t really care to sit around the dealership while he filled out all the paperwork and all that.  I dictated, one or seventeen times, that we were buying the basest of the base models they had on the lot.  Give him your cheapest Jetta, GO.

I may have entertained a brief miniscule fantasy that he would return with that TTS instead of the Jetta.

Brief, miniscule, financially irresponsible, that fantasy.  But it was so cute.  It made me want to whine for it like the Minion.

The Jetta came up our driveway, however, and no matter if it WAS just a boring new Jetta, I did go out to inspect the new car with the Minion.  Handed him off, got into the car . . .

. . . and . . .

“Wait.  YOU HAVE TO USE A KEY?????”

. . . followed by . . .


. . . and . . .

“Oh my gosh, there is no BACKUP CAMERA????  Who doesn’t have a backup camera????”

Me, apparently.

I think it is hilarious . . . my “BASE BASE BASE, CHEAPEST MODEL” turned “YOU HAVE TO USE A KEY???????”.  What third world country is this Jetta FROM????

Oh hilarity.

(I did end up driving it to my voice lesson, though.  We survived.  And despite all the lack of features . . . it reminded me of my high school and college cars.  So . . . I will always joke about having to use a key . . . but . . . it is just fine.)

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October 18

More Minion Milestones

In this very short time since the last blog, Minion is sitting up. And he is sitting up all over the place, for a huge chunk of the day.   We’re also about one inch away from crawling.

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October 9


Last night as I was putting Minion in his sleepsack, a spider slid down between our faces, from one of the leaves of his mobile. Nope. The past two mornings, I’ve been woken up around eight (a crime in itself) by a scrambling and scratching coming from my bedroom ceiling and behind the walls. A […]

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October 8

Minion Milestones

(Yes, yes, two posts in one day . . . Amazin’ Fruit.) 1.  We now definitely have a tooth. I attempted to entertain him while sitting around the car service lounge, by sticking my pinky into his mouth.  Instead of gumming it as usual . . . there was sharp gnawing so intense I thought […]

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October 8

Mercedes GLA

The GC had a recall visit due today.  Headliner fire risk. Back when we bought the first GC (2011) we started reading about them on the owner forums.  Now that a formal recall actually happened, we were due for a one hour appointment. Knobby was told one hour when he made the appointment, because they’d […]

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October 5

Cheaper Then

I seem to have been thinking . . . Recently, and frequently . . . About The Good Old Days. I think about vehicles. About how when my father traded me my little 1995 Honda Civic, for a one year old 2002 Jetta. I had loved the new design of that little chug-a-chug, especially the […]

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September 23

The Song Remains

This kid. You put out all these mats, all these blankets, all these cushy minky things for your child to play comfortably on . . . . . . and where does he insist on spending every waking moment? The hard, cold, fake wood floor. (And reworking his daddy’s soldering projects while he’s at it.) […]

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September 22

This Time

Sorry things still haven’t gotten up and running.  I need to recap the Harry Potter part of our Disney vacation, but never can get myself in the mood to do so. Did you go order or find a LAFCO candle to try the other day?  I am still in love with mine.  There is a […]

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September 18


Well. I need to get this blog back into gear. Somehow days with nothing on the schedule turn into the most frantic. Big weird paralyzing pass-out type panic last night. (Gave Minion a bottle, laid about watching him play while the dread approached . . . waited in hopes it would go away . . […]

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September 16

I Can’t Get Started

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