September 23

The Song Remains

This kid.

You put out all these mats, all these blankets, all these cushy minky things for your child to play comfortably on . . .

9-23-14 1

. . . and where does he insist on spending every waking moment?

9-23-14 2

The hard, cold, fake wood floor.

(And reworking his daddy’s soldering projects while he’s at it.)

You feel so guilty, the first few days/weeks.  You constantly police the kid, picking him up and setting him firmly in the middle of the mat 49208952 times, just to see him roll straight off of it in less than five minutes.

He’ll even tease you.  Rolls off the mat in three minutes, will spend the next 45 minutes in the same spot just one inch off of the mat.  Just to thumb his nose at your comfort standards.

But you get over it.  You get to the point where you realize he’s going to end up there anyway, and there are many fun little games to play on your iPad.  Or blog entries to write.  Or . . . whatever else you do.

So it slowly doesn’t even phase you when the kid decides to shun all of his real toys . . . to befriend . . .

9-23-14 3

. . . a saltine cracker box.

I mean, you feel guilty just a little bit . . . all . . . “we’re not POOR, child, we’ve bought you REAL TOYS” . . . but.  Eh.


Knobby took this picture the other day.  When I saw it, it sparked my memory . . .

9-23-14 4


. . . of me with Paw, in this very same kitchen, in nearly that very same spot.

9-23-14 5


The decor has changed, but the song remains the same.


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September 22

This Time

Sorry things still haven’t gotten up and running.  I need to recap the Harry Potter part of our Disney vacation, but never can get myself in the mood to do so. Did you go order or find a LAFCO candle to try the other day?  I am still in love with mine.  There is a […]

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September 18


Well. I need to get this blog back into gear. Somehow days with nothing on the schedule turn into the most frantic. Big weird paralyzing pass-out type panic last night. (Gave Minion a bottle, laid about watching him play while the dread approached . . . waited in hopes it would go away . . […]

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September 16

I Can’t Get Started

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September 12

Disney2014: Animal Kingdom and Handbag Beasts

Animal Kingdom. Ok. Animal Kingdom was ALMOST a complete wash for us.  Several factors contributed to this. We actually made two trips out there.  And when I say “out there” . . . it really did feel like it was far out of the loop as far as theme park proximity was concerned. The first […]

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September 10

Disney2014: Epcot Worlds

Sometimes, I take pictures because I like the architecture.     I don’t even know . . .     LOL     Solar bobbles!  I love solar bobbles.   I really regret that I didn’t get this panda bobble. This was a trippy moment. They even make umbrellas look cute. Christmas shop in Germany. […]

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September 10

Disney2014: Grand Floridian and DisneyHollywoodStudios

There’s a lot of photos left.  Let’s see if I can be uncharacteristically short-winded with the rest of Disney. Grand Floridian Resort.  Yes, it’s certainly grand.   This tiny tub in the Basin store – wouldn’t it be great for dog or baby bathing?   Poor Knobby.  Resolved to boredom.   Over to the Tower […]

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September 9

Minion of Sandwich

We have to get this Disney review done. If for no other reason, that the pictures, which upload to the magical cloud, are so far down the “loading more” at this point that they’re just about to disappear into magical cloud oblivion. I was super-productive today, though, which also means “avoided Disney entry like the […]

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September 5


Irked. I know that to all you every-weekday-workers with your 9-to-5’s will think this is a bit silly. But. I am an introvert.  I am a homebody.  If I have just ONE appointment on my week’s calendar, that’s a day I either dread or simply don’t look forward to . . . and after that’s […]

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September 4

Useless Door

So, we have this useless door in our house. From what I can tell, it was always a useless door. It opens to a dead end of the patio, and to get to it, you pass the kitchen door . . . so everyone uses the kitchen door. I never saw Mimi or Paw use […]

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