August 25

Seven Month Minion

Today was busy.

That’s why you don’t have that Disney Food entry by now.

Slept hardcore last night.  Didn’t wake up to even go to the Ladies’ (if you are a male who is reading this, know that this is indeed a rarity).

Alarm went off at 9:30 because I was planning to wake up and shower/get ready for my day out before Minion woke up . . . but I didn’t count correctly in my sleep, and raced right through the three allotted alarms.

(Why does my phone not give me an option to set as many snoozes as I want?  SOME OF US need a nice hefty ten or twenty.)

Didn’t wake up until surgery scheduling called me at 10:38.  Le sigh, but was glad to get that phone call (had been getting fidgety about it) AND glad that something finally woke me up.

Minion was still asleep, so I was still able to shower and get dressed and all that . . . so everything worked out.  Woo.


First up was my second voice lesson.

Everything went just as well as last time.  I practiced practiced practiced in a panic on Saturday while Knobby was out mowing the yard and couldn’t hear me.  Then again yesterday while he was playing games on his computer.  Then Minion started screaming and . . . after trial and error I discovered he was screaming WHEN I SANG.

See.  That’s why I don’t sing in front of people who can judge.  Which, that group now includes a seven month old.

Speaking of.


On this, the eve of Minion’s seven month “birthday”

(I know, I know, conflicting terms.)

He weighs 18 pounds and one ounce.  His head is a whopping 18 inches circumference.  And he is 24.75 inches “tall”.

Obviously, I am brimming with this information, because after the voice lesson, Minion had an appointment with the pediatrician for shots.  YAY.

Everything was all fun and giggles BEFORE the needles.

. . .and then . . .

“We’re doing WHAT?”

8-25-14 ScootAway

But afterwards . . . you get to pout for the relatives.

8-25-14 Shot Pout


And stare wistfully at a frozen concoction in the smallest Starbucks cup and straw you’ve ever seen.

8-25-14 SmallestStarbucks

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August 23

Disney2014: MagicBands and MyDisneyExperience

I woke up this morning in a sweat, but that was great because it was the end to my fever. So! Back to Disney2014. I wrote that we’d discuss the food next. But. Before I talk about anything yummy, I need to mention two things that improved our Disney extravaganza. First:  I think I mentioned […]

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August 22

Pause for Virus.

Had a fever that hit 103 last night. Woke up with majorly swollen tonsils. Have stayed in bed useless today while Knobby has held down the fort. He’s done a great job. Haha. (No, really.  He has.  He’s done laundry and everything.) When I can sit up for more than ten minutes we’ll discuss our […]

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August 21

Disney2014: On the Boardwalk

Last entry, we went through the BoardwalkVillas . . . this one, we’ll go outside of them. Disney is a big fan of veneers.  If I want to be cynical I could say that the veneers go everywhere from their buildings to their customer service.  But in this entry we’ll stick to BoardwalkVillas. The front […]

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August 19

Disney2014: Be Our Guest

Let us start the DisneyWorld recap off with a little background. I went to DisneyWorld (from now on, let’s just use WDW) with my family in 1986 and 1991.  We stayed off-resort, it seemed like we stayed an hour away, and I believe my Dad had to sell something to buy one of those mid-80′s […]

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August 18

Sing, Sang, Sung.

One more interruption before we get back to the Disney recap. One more “surprise!” for our anniversary was . . . voice lessons. Ha.  I know. He could really get himself into trouble for that one, couldn’t he. But truly, he’s always annoyed that I won’t sing around him.  I sing to Oliver all day […]

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August 17

Theme-Park Interlude

Knobby went out today to pick up some essentials at the Walmart. You can tell the residual effects of HarryPotter ThemePark attendance in the Hangouts convo we had during his trip. Screenshot: I really do hate that person. The CouponCutter is worse than The Target Check-Writer. (And you KNOW how much we groan-with-disbelief when we […]

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August 17

Like a Bolt Out of the Blue

Aaaannnnnnnd, we’re back! Oh, did you realize we were gone? That’s alright. Last Friday, late in the day, Knobby informed that — Surprise!! — we were off to a week at DisneyWorld and Universal (Wizarding World of Harry Potter, specifically) to celebrate our ninth wedding anniversary.  Mom was taking Oliver, Garm was taking the dogs. […]

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August 8


This week, two things were on my calendar. One didn’t even require me leaving the house, but that was enough. Yesterday (Thursday) was a doctor’s appointment, which was just as much a waste of time as you’d imagine.  I started typing to you about all the ways and whys she is a useless runaround, but […]

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August 6


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