April 16

Suddenly, Desperately

Today I had some internet returns to make, and Knobby had a meeting, so I put Oliver in the car and off we went to the UPS Store.

All of that is a bit monumental, as I v.rarely drive — if it works out that I’ll drive once a month I’d be shocked — and this is the first time I’ve taken Oliver out on my own.

The trip was uneventful.  A monstrously huge tree had uprooted itself at the old rock house.  I discovered that I need a whole lot more practice at parking the Summit (no front parking camera, what sort of third world country vehicle am I driving? Ha.).

As I drove back home, a new S8 was waiting to pull out of the last interstate exit onto the local road.  I watched in my rear view mirror as it pulled out behind me.

It wasn’t really a striking car . . . it was the light Ice Silver which is rather blah.  What caught my attention was the way it pounced out of that exit ramp and prowled up beside me as we all had to stop at a red light.

Once the light turned green, the cars in front of us plodded along, but the S8 soon punched and weaved its way out of the slow snarl . . . and as I watched it leave us normal cars behind over a hill, my heart suddenly, desperately yearned to be that Audi S driver.

No, I didn’t want to be in the S8, especially that boring S8 . . . but I knew that surge and thrust of power, that nimble weave so well.  Suddenly, desperately, I wanted to be driving the S7 again.  I wanted that power and grace, that ownership.

Suddenly.  Desperately.

It’s silly, really.  Up until that point, I was completely happy with the Lumbering Elephant.  Knowing it was a different driving experience, it was perfectly nice, and it was what we needed for the Minion.

I still know that.  It is what is best for us right now.  I know.  And Knobby has reassured me so many times that we’ll be back there, once the Minion grows a bit and his seat wouldn’t destroy the car.  Or . . . vomit . . . or . . . whatever.  Once we don’t need a trunk full of strollers and practically require a moving truck for all the bottles and accessories and infant whatnots, should we travel somewhere for a visit.

I will get over it.  I’m just being spoiled.  I’m still happy with the Lumbering Elephant.

But if you’ll excuse me, I have to go buy myself a little something.

Just to cheer myself up.  You understand.

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April 15

Fuzzy Grin: Car Seat Edition

It is snowing. Short sleeves for days, now it’s snowing. I don’t know if it’s the remnants of The Predicament — did it, perhaps, alter my internal thermostat or whatever.  But I cannot operate in sub-40 degree temperatures now. If I get chilled, I shut down.  My brain just shuts down in search of operable […]

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April 15


When I’m putting the Minion in his bassinet for the night, I’ll rock him back and forth a little bit as the goodnight routine. Just a little ritual.  I’ll tell him what he’ll dream about for the night, or babble on about some random topic that doesn’t matter, then I’ll always finish it off by […]

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April 13

Easter Baskets and Boppies

Time flies when it’s the weekend. Friday afternoon we wanted to get the sidewalk finished.  Knobby had to make a Home Depot trip mid-work (but it was good because Minion needed to be fed, anyway), and we didn’t finish until after dark, but  . . . we finished!  That’s what counts. Except . . . […]

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April 9

Owen and Marty

Knobby feels good today because he’s cancelled our Sirius. I’m somewhat sad to lose it, because I enjoyed commercial-free music and not having to search for new radio stations whenever we travel. But. Sirius has been incompetent at every turn.  Incompetent any time we had to deal with employees doing anything whatsoever to our account. […]

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April 6

Mad Beef

Still on my Sudafed train.  Annoying. Thought I’d take a break from the Nyquil last night, and boy, was that a mistake. —– When I saw the Amazon Fire TV announcement, I should have known not to be surprised when one showed up courtesy of UPS the next day. It is tee-tiny. It is quick […]

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April 4

They’re Multiplying.

A comment just witnessed on a cosmetic for sale: “I bought this set because of the limited addition Wild Rose Shimmer Brick.” SIGH. More like “LIMITED GRAMMAR”, lady.

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April 3

Aggression Avenue

I have often ranted to you about The Thorns.  College-aged imbeciles who rent a trailer that has road rights to our driveway. Our driveway has a gate.  Thorns cannot comprehend proper gate behavior.  There are normal remote “clickers” for this gate, but Knobby wrote a website system for it as well . . . and […]

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April 1

Hello Hemi

Ugh.  Knobby’s gone out for an appointment and I find that I’ve lost my voice. What’s the point of being alone in your house if you can’t take the opportunity to sing? —– Happy April Fool’s Day. I’m not fooling, though, when I tell you that we traded our beautiful 2013 Audi S7 yesterday.   […]

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March 30

Hello Ladies

Well hello, ladies . . .   . . . Yeah, you . . .     . . . How you doin’ . . . . . . Give me some love . . .   . . . OK then, gotta bounce . . . . . .Time for my bottle and a […]

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