October 18

More Minion Milestones

In this very short time since the last blog, Minion is sitting up.

And he is sitting up all over the place, for a huge chunk of the day.

10-16-14 Minion Sits


We’re also about one inch away from crawling.

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October 9


Last night as I was putting Minion in his sleepsack, a spider slid down between our faces, from one of the leaves of his mobile. Nope. The past two mornings, I’ve been woken up around eight (a crime in itself) by a scrambling and scratching coming from my bedroom ceiling and behind the walls. A […]

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October 8

Minion Milestones

(Yes, yes, two posts in one day . . . Amazin’ Fruit.) 1.  We now definitely have a tooth. I attempted to entertain him while sitting around the car service lounge, by sticking my pinky into his mouth.  Instead of gumming it as usual . . . there was sharp gnawing so intense I thought […]

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October 8

Mercedes GLA

The GC had a recall visit due today.  Headliner fire risk. Back when we bought the first GC (2011) we started reading about them on the owner forums.  Now that a formal recall actually happened, we were due for a one hour appointment. Knobby was told one hour when he made the appointment, because they’d […]

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October 5

Cheaper Then

I seem to have been thinking . . . Recently, and frequently . . . About The Good Old Days. I think about vehicles. About how when my father traded me my little 1995 Honda Civic, for a one year old 2002 Jetta. I had loved the new design of that little chug-a-chug, especially the […]

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September 23

The Song Remains

This kid. You put out all these mats, all these blankets, all these cushy minky things for your child to play comfortably on . . . . . . and where does he insist on spending every waking moment? The hard, cold, fake wood floor. (And reworking his daddy’s soldering projects while he’s at it.) […]

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September 22

This Time

Sorry things still haven’t gotten up and running.  I need to recap the Harry Potter part of our Disney vacation, but never can get myself in the mood to do so. Did you go order or find a LAFCO candle to try the other day?  I am still in love with mine.  There is a […]

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September 18


Well. I need to get this blog back into gear. Somehow days with nothing on the schedule turn into the most frantic. Big weird paralyzing pass-out type panic last night. (Gave Minion a bottle, laid about watching him play while the dread approached . . . waited in hopes it would go away . . […]

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September 16

I Can’t Get Started

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September 12

Disney2014: Animal Kingdom and Handbag Beasts

Animal Kingdom. Ok. Animal Kingdom was ALMOST a complete wash for us.  Several factors contributed to this. We actually made two trips out there.  And when I say “out there” . . . it really did feel like it was far out of the loop as far as theme park proximity was concerned. The first […]

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