July 31


I shop too much.

Do you ever “fear” a shopping opportunity?

Say . . . when you know a store is holding a big sale.  Or when a brand you like is releasing new products.

You get the email (or, if you want to be old-fashioned, the flyer in the mail), and while you’re eager to see the deal/the goods . . . you are also terrified that you might have to indulge a bit TOO much.

That’s what I’m dreading for tomorrow.

Tomorrow:  Harveys releases Fall Seatbeltbags.

I don’t know if I want really great things . . . or no great things . . . or maybe just one great thing to tempt me.

I want all three of those options.  And none of them.



I wrote a lot after this.

A lot of neurotic bitter bitchface.

I turned two appointments into a total novel of acrimony.

But even I tired of all the words.  I’m aching all over and Minion is pitching a tired fussy fit.

So I’ll merely say . . .

I’m such a nerd b/c I’m so looking forward to two biographies arriving tomorrow from Amazon.


Tired fussy fits combined with nightly PixyAches makes for one who desires a stop at the ABC Store.

I can’t decide if I’d get the vodka that tastes like cake . . .


. . . or the maple-flavored whiskey.

Had both on our Cornfields trip.

Old-fashioned medicinal cures, that’s what it is.

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July 31

Slap Myself

There are too many tabs open. In Chrome here on my desktop, in Safari on my iPad. There are too many things piled on my desk. Piles of things I put here to keep reminding myself these were things I needed to accomplish, check on, whatever. There are too many projects I am so eager […]

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July 29

Jeep Don’t Fail Me Now

  Well, that’s not good. Could smell antifreeze burning on the way back from my hair appointment today. Left the car to madly hiss and steam for an hour or two, then Knobby took it apart. Enough to rule out the easy fixes, anyway.  He thinks it’s the water pump. Sigh. We had heard funny […]

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July 28

Vaporized Prunes

Low-key weekend. Knobby finished the soffit work in the kitchen . . . now I’m sanding down wood putty and getting it ready to paint.  Looking forward to putting the kitchen back in order. While his tools were so convenient, I was able to convince him to hang some hooks in the Laundry Room . […]

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July 27

Minion’s First Meal

Well, this just happened for the first time . . .   I don’t think he’s a big fan of prunes. Or spoons. Tomorrow is another day.

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July 25

Once a Thorn, Always a Thorn.

Today started off weirdly. I was woken between seven and eight by incredible crashing noise.  I leapt up, sure that a tree had fallen . . . on the garage, on the house, taken out the chicken house, SOMETHING.  I ran all around like the proverbial chicken with head cut off trying to find the […]

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July 24


I feel silly saying this. But. Yesterday we woke up early and hauled ourselves out to the hospital for Minion’s appointment with the pediatric urologist, and today we woke up early and hauled ourselves out to the hospital for a doctor’s appointment for ME. I guess I should let you know that “early” meant that […]

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July 23

Doctors Appointment and Random Houses

I have this annoying sinus headache.  It’s more of an ache on my head than a headache. Take your tube of lipgloss, push it into the arch between your eyebrow and your nose, and that’s how it feels. Sinus pressure. Yay. —- Went to the pediatric urologist today . . . an appointment I’d been […]

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July 22

Movie Night Minion

I’m a bit under the weather. I attempted uploading and arranging tons of pictures I’ve saved to my desktop but never put onto the FieryPyroPixy site . . . I got halfway through before I made a new tag for our recent stay at the Carolina Inn, and the system went bonkers. Knobby’s got many […]

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July 18


The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here . . . I’m suddenly wishing I hadn’t done that bit of revenge-shopping this past week when Knobby stayed up very very late playing video games. That’s what happens, you know, when the husband decides to sit at his computer yelling into a headset microphone at his friends in […]

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