September 12

Disney2014: Animal Kingdom and Handbag Beasts

Animal Kingdom.


Animal Kingdom was ALMOST a complete wash for us.  Several factors contributed to this.

We actually made two trips out there.  And when I say “out there” . . . it really did feel like it was far out of the loop as far as theme park proximity was concerned.

The first day, we were originally planning to do some Magic Kingdom stuff and the big event that night was our Le Cellier reservation.  We FastPassed SpaceMountain along with half the world, and while we were standing there about 40 people back from the entrance . . . it broke down.  And unlike the usual “we’ll have it up as soon as possible!!”, the line manager was all “Yeeeeeah.  This is going to take a few hours to fix.  Go have fun.”.


Knobby was the one pushing Animal Kingdom.  Reading up on it, there wasn’t really that much there to interest us, but it had what a lot of people said was the best coaster at WDW.  And . . . he wanted to do the safari.  When Space Mountain broke down, we had about four or five hours before our dinner reservation, and we decided to nix the MagicKingdom FastPasses and head out there.

Got on a bus.  Rode forever.  This was a day that was rainier than most.  Each day it drizzled now and then, nothing to freak out about, most of the time not even worth putting on your Disneyponcho.  I was sad that the only pocketbook I brought was my new Dooney chevron crossbody mailbag . . . that was usually the biggest motivator for throwing a poncho on most of the time — to protect it.  Even then it was probably not even on for five minutes, maximum.

Took the safari first.  There were some animals out, but no lions and tigers and bears, oh my.  We did see a rhino.  And a zebra.  And a giraffe that ran away.  There were some exotic types of creatures . . . and by that, I mean exotic-to-the-Americans . . . but I will never remember what they were called, and their pictures are all fuzzy.  I think my phone’s camera at this point decided to go on strike because it was so humid.  Oh, was it humid.  Florida was so stinking humid anyway, but this took the cake.  I think that Knobby was satisfied enough with the safari — animals are much more his thing than mine.

As we got off of the safari truck, it was drizzling more intently.  By the time we reached the entrance to Expedition Everest (the roller coaster) steady downpour would be the more operative term.  Roller coasters in the rain, yay.

Except.  Lightning had been spotted somewhere in park boundaries and they couldn’t run the coaster in lightning.  We sat around for a few minutes, in our ponchos, steady downpour on our heads, until it was obvious that Expedition Everest wouldn’t be running until the next day.

Le sigh.

That was a dejected feeling.  Everything that day had failed for some reason or another . . . and it was so humid, we might as well not even worn the ponchos, because we were completely soaked from that miserable humidity that occurs when one is encased in plastic.

Dragged ourselves back to the bus, rode forever back to BoardwalkVillas, showered and felt like a normal human again, and then headed out for our delicious dinner.

The next day, there was a bit of sentiment that ExpeditionEverest had failed and we needed to try and conquer it again.  That was Knobby’s sentiment . . . my sentiment was “that’s a lot of effort for one roller coaster at the back of a park which takes a foreverlong busride to reach in the first place”.  Or, you know, something equally positive like that.  Mmhmm.  But return we did.

The line wasn’t long, and it was a really fun coaster.  So.  We rode it twice.  Might as well, since we made so much effort to get there and all.

ExpeditionEverest - Line

ExpeditionEverest - Hot

It was apropos, and I found it funny.  “Hot”.

ExpeditionEverest - Climbing 1

Home in the distance.

ExpeditionEverest - Climbing 2


The end of the line.

ExpeditionEverest - End of the Line


So that was that.  We went to a lot of effort to get out there, but it was a rewarding roller coaster.

We made our way back to the Magic Kingdom then and, though we had visited most of the shops on MainStreet in previous days, somehow I had missed . . . the serious pocketbook shop.

These days, I am mostly carrying Dooney, SeatbeltBags, KateSpade, or my LV Alma.  I knew that SeatbeltBags had an alliance with Disney, but I was shocked to discover that Dooney did as well.  (There are also Disney-specific VeraBradley patterns.)

Disney Dooney 1

Knobby . . . you could see in his eyes, that he thought he was in trouble.

Disney Dooney 2

Trouble with a capital T

And that rhymes with P

And that stands for Pool.

Disney Dooney 3

Disney Dooney 4

Disney Dooney 5

DisneySeatbeltBags 1

DisneySeatbeltBags 2

DisneySeatbeltBags 3

DisneySeatbeltBags 4


I did think initially that the Dooneys were neat . . .because I had no idea they had a Disney alliance.

But here’s the thing.

When you are there at Disney, you are surrounded by all the ears, by all of the Disney branding all over everything.

It’s overwhelming.  It’s easy to fall into this in no time at all.  Anything you can slap a Disney character onto, it exists there.

And it is embraced.  And you get into the spirit of hey, we’re all here having fun at Disney, and that includes this tshirt, and hey, everyone is wearing these ears, and fun fun fun fun fun.  I love this character!  This is so cute!  Blahblahblah.


What you have to remember.  What you have to remind yourself . . . is . . . that . . . once you leave this all-encompassing World of Disney . . . are you really going to be sporting that sweatshirt?  Are you REALLY going to carry that Dooney bag emblazoned with Tinkerbell and Chip & Dale on it . . . to dinner?  To shopping?  To . . . anywhere?

Now.  There are plenty of Disney fanatics.  They will wear the heck out of their Disney merchandise proudly . . . anywhere . . . everywhere.  They are not ashamed.  I mean, apparently . . . you can have the iconic Mickey Mouse head with diamonds as a necklace and earrings.  They sell it on the parks souvenir site.  It’s something like six thousand dollars.  So . . . you know . . . these souvenirs do exist for the adults and all.


I also feel . . . with, perhaps you will say this is the Pixy Snobbery . . . that I’m a grown woman of 34.  I may feel like a child some days, but I’m not rolling up to the Target wearing a Disney Princess.

So I picked my souvenirs accordingly.



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September 10

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September 10

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September 9

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September 2

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August 28

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August 25

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