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January 23

Room Without a Roof

Having nowhere to be, Getting to stay home all day, In your fuzzy slippers.

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January 22


The world is conspiring in tiny ways to make George Michael happen right now. Day before yesterday, I woke up with “One More Try” stuck in my head.  It was there ALL DAY LONG. Then BigMama wrote a blog for today that featured a lyric from “Careless Whisper” . . . and we were off […]

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January 16

Golden Globes 2014

Yet another reason we love Emma Thompson.

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January 1

Bitter Pill

Two positive things today. 1.  I’ve just finished a run of Metronidazole that was prescribed while in the hospital.  A giant, uncoated, bitter pill.  (Just like ME!)  Impossible to swallow.   Oh, you’d finally manage it, but rarely before the bitter powder had distributed itself on your tongue and down your throat . . . […]

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December 10

Cousin Vicki’s Wrecked Recorder

Oh me oh my. Now, I hate Miley Cyrus. I think she’s trash, utter trash. AND. If you’ve decided your performance schtick is going to include sticking out your tongue at every single possible opportunity in order to make up for your lack of talent . . . YOU COULD AT LEAST BRUSH IT. However. […]

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November 7

Light Has Come

This morning I woke up to a delicious treat. A paper bag placed by my head, containing a sausage biscuit and hash browns. (Ok, fine.  Two sausage biscuits.) The McDonald’s sausage biscuit may seem like nothing to you, but to someone like me who is rarely operable during their breakfast hours . . . it […]

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November 4

No More 3×5′s

1.  Our useless mail woman strikes again.  Knobby was expecting a package to be delivered by the hated USPS today, went down a few hours before and attached a large post-it note with v.clear instructions that the gate was open, to drive up the driveway and deliver the package TO OUR HOUSE. Of course . […]

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November 4

Surprise, there’s an airplane here to see you!

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October 28

Singing Selah Sunday

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October 18

Take me from this valley, to that mountain high above.

Taking a brief sit-down for dinner before some guests arrive. Have been on feet for the whole day.  Woke up, Mom was going out for lunch, and I went along planning to pick up the predicament pants I took for alteration. Mom also had brother’s kid with her, and . . . she says exposure […]

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